Interactive white board

A lot of us have already heard about interactive white boards but do we really know what it is and how it work? Most of us don’t. Here is some interesting information about it I mostly found it on this and this website which really contain a lot of information on the whiteboard.

First, the white board is a big white screen you can interact on. The computer screen which is connected to the white board is projected on it. The white board then becomes a giant computer screen and the teacher can control it by only touching it. Everything that is done with the computer can also be done on the white board. The teacher can write, read, use PowerPoint, use it to watch a movie, etc.  The students can also interact directly on the white board when asked.

My friend Laurence also wrote a blog about interactive white board and listed a lot of good advantages about the white board. The white board allows the teacher to use interactive activities with the students. They can come and write on the board just as they could do with a traditional board and a chalk. But you cannot only write on it, there are a lot more things to do with a white board than with a traditional board. You can do everything you can do on a computer, but it is more interesting. In fact, the students can participate and the teacher doesn’t stay seated behind his computer, talking and switching pages.  He can also write directly on his already prepared notes or PowerPoint, he can create new documents, add things, details, notes, examples to his prepared work, etc.  Because of all these fabulous advantages, I think it is a tool which should be integrated in every class. It encourages students’ participation a lot and I think that is best part of it.



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