I found a very interesting topic on my friend’s blog. Interesting but also controversial. Thoughts and opinions about it are really different.  Why not utilize students’ favorite tool in class? Probably because teachers are scared of sharing their personnal informations and getting too much into their students’ lives.There is a way of interact with your students on facebook without even being friends with them. Truth is, facebook is a part of their everyday life so we should lake advantage of this. They go on facebook everyday so they will, while enjoying facebook, see things related to your class.

Facebook is a good way to contact your students and have a quick answer. Plus, you can see who saw your post or messages. really usefull. Also, it creates a friendly and relaxed relation and atmosphere between you and your students. Since most of them use facebook everyday, they are probably comfortable with it.

It is recommended to create a seperate account which you will use to contact your students as suggested on this website. If you don’t want to friend them, you can simply create a group for your students or your class in which you can interact really effectively with them.

You can wether create a page ou a group but, I personaly prefer the group. Your group can be a closed group and you can set the privacy settings as you wish. This is a good way of keeping your personnal life private but still be able to interact with your students by using their favorite website.  I found two really good articles about it. Both, this one and this one, are really complete and share A LOT of information. They also explain how to create group or pages and explain stuffs about privacy settings, etc.

I think facebook is a great useful tool for teacher when you know how to use it properly. There are a few details like privacy settings which you must pay attention to, but, in the end, it is worth it.



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