Laptops in class

My friend Laurence talked about an interesting subject on her blog earlier this week. It interested me enough to blog about it myself!

Should teacher let students use their laptops in class? That is an interesting question. Some may be for it because laptops help students take better notes, they type quickly and it is more efficient but other may claim that it can easily distracts the students.

There are a lot of arguments against the use of laptops in class, Indeed, some studies, which I found absolutely useful,  show that students who use their computers in class remember less lecture content and are less attentive and less performant. Also,they can, in fact, easily distract students. Students will probably be more interested to update their facebook status and to tweet than to listen to what the teacher says. Furthermore, some other studies prove that students use their laptops in class to check their e-mails, to use instant messaging and surf on the internet.

I agree that laptops are really helpful when it comes to doing team projects and taking notes but I think it is too distracting for the students and that it shouldn’t be allowed in class all the time. However, I think teachers should sometimes allow students to bring their own computer in class. Students could work on their projects or texts or whatever they have to do while being in the class and they could also do researches easily.

To conclude, I think laptops should be allowed in class but not all the time. It distracts students so I don’t think teachers should allow their students to take notes directly on their computers but I think it would be more useful to allow them to bring their computers when they have to work in team or individually. After all, if they waste their time on facebook when they are supposed to work on a project in class, they’ll just have to work more at home! I couldn’t agree more with what it says at the end of this article, “At the end of the day, it’s up to students to decide what they will get out of class.”


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