I was surfing on the internet today, looking for an idea for my next blog and I found this website. Before I read what it says on this site, I only thought that Ipads were fun and nice electronic devices. An Ipad is like a small computer you can easily carry with you everywhere. I never thought that an Ipad could be a useful tool in a classroom, but turns out it is!

As mentioned on this website, Ipads have a positive impact in class. It creates a more peaceful environment, students are more motivated and they collaborate more. Also, it helps improve the quality of students’ work.

Furthermore, apple even has a page which encourages the use of ipad in class.  It talks about how to use it, textbooks, how to use it as a study partner,etc. There is a also a section which suggests different apps according to the field, there is a section for mathematics, a section for science, a section for geography, etc. The apple website is then very usefull and convincing about using Ipads in class.

There is also a big variety of applications for Ipad related to education. A lot of websites recommend applications to use in class. Here is an example of this kind of website. you can find on this one 20 nice applications for educators. Obviously there exists a lot more than 20 applications which can make the lives of the teacher and the students easier and a lot more fun.

Finally, I don’t see any reasons why Ipads shouldn’t be used in class.


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