Google drive

Last wednesday I discovered a new awesome tool in class. It’s called google drive! I was sceptical at first but when I tried it I was amazed!

What is Google drive?

Well first of all, google drive is obviously a google product. It is a tool that allows you to create a whole bunch of different documents, share with people, work with someone on the same document simultaneously, and, last but not the least, acces your documents ANYWHERE. this is only a brief description but this blog describes it really well if you want a more detailed explanation!

What is so awesome about it?

First, there are a lot of tools accessible from it. You can create written documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Also, you can share your documents with a friend or a partner or whoever you want and this person will also be able to modify it! This is what makes it so perfect. It is ideal for team school works, you can both work on the same document, at the same time, from your own computer! There is also a comment section in which you can talk with the other people working on the document! It really is well done!

Second, your files are saved in your account, that makes it accessible from ANYWHERE. Wheter you are at school, at home, at a friend’s, you can simply log in to your google account and find all your saved documents there! Furthermore, I found out on this website that you can not only access your stuff from a computer but also from an smartphone or a tablet. Isn’t it amazing? If you forget to print a homework which you did on your computer at home, you don’t have to worry you can access it and print it from any computer. It’s just like having a usb key with all your works on it all the time.

What else about google drive? Guess what? IT IS FREE. As mentionned on this blog, you can get it for free for 5GB storage, which is enough and almost too much! However, if you want more space, you have to pay. There are different upgrade options but I believe someone who needs it for school or for work as enough space of 5 GB. All you need to access this wonderful world is to register. 

I don’t see any disadvantages to this and I encourage everyone to give it a try if they are not conviced yet! Also, if you are a teacher or a future teacher, encourage your students to work with it, it can really make it more simple for team work! If you don’t already have an account, go register!


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