movie time!

Students really like to watch movies or short videos in class. Sadly, as discussed on this blog, administrators in education don’t always appreciate the use of videos in classroom. I totally disagree with these administrators though. I think that to watch a video is the best way to learn a language! 

I always enjoyed watching movies in class, it is different and fun! It is way more interesting than a traditionnal lecture class where students have to take notes and do some boring exercices. Movies are entertaining!  Students will be interested in watching the movie because it will be a kind of “break” of school for them, even though it is not. 

As mentioned on this blog, watching movies in class shouldn’t be a “fun Friday” activity. It should be part of a regular learning class because there are a lot of things students can learn from watching a movie. There are several ideas on this website of what you can do to help students learn and be attentive when watching  a movie in class. 

You can have students answer questions about the movie while they watch it or make them fill in the blanks. This way, you are sure students will listen carefully to be able to answer the questions or fill in the blanks properly.  You can also have them answer some questions after they watched the movie, have them write a text about it or simply have them talk about the movie. They can practice not only their comprehension of the second language but also improve their speaking and their writing skills.

Watching movies in class can be really helpful while being fun. Students will automatically practice their comprehension but the teacher can also make them practice speaking and writing if desired. There are a lot of advantages to watching movies in class and students like it because it gives them a break from traditional boring classes but they still learn without really realizing it.

The movie doesn’t have to be an old uninteresting movie about history or even a bad documentary, it can be ANY movie, as long as it is watched in the second language.

Wanna be the best teacher of your school? Watch movies in class.



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