ImageFirst, what is twitter?

twitter is a social media on which you can express yourself by “tweeting” small messages containing up to 140 characters. You can also include a picture in your tweets.If you want more detailed information about what twitter is, you can simply go on their about page and everything is really well explained.

How to use it?

To use twitter, you first have to know what “to follow” people means. To follow someone is to follow what the person does on twitter. For example if I follow Mr. X, everything Mr.X publishes on twitter will appear on my twitter home page. You can follow as many people as you want. People can also follow you to have your tweets published on their home page.  This website explains REALLY WELL how to use it and what to do on twitter. Also, the hashtags are important, it’s a good way to gather all the tweets you want to see on the same page. A hashtag is a # you put before a word and when you click on it, it leads you to a page where you can see every tweet that contains the same hashtag. For example if I tweet “I love #cats” #cats will become a link which leads me to a page where I can see every tweet that contains #cats. It is very useful if you are looking for specific information or if you want to regroup tweets together!

Why is it so nice?

Well twitter is a really nice tool because it allows you to see what people share, think and it informs you briefly. If you want to know what miley cyrus is doing or thinking, just go on her twitter page and read her tweets. You can interact with you friends but also with other people or even maybe celebrities! It keeps you updated on news.

Why does it concern school?

I was getting there! Most people tweet in English because it is an international language. This be said, you are encouraged to also tweet in English to be understood by the majority of people using twitter. This will then make your students practice their English. It can also, as surprising as it may seem, be really usefull for A LOT of other reasons. In fact, you can (if the teacher and all the students have a twitter account and all the students follow the teacher) tweet about homework, assignment, things that are due, etc. You can also write a story with your students by tweeting. Your students can comment or ask questions about the class, you can ask students to tweet 3 short comments about something you saw in class as an assignment, etc. Find 50 ideas of what to do with twitter in class on this website. It is a very useful website and it helps you if you feel like you have no imagination.


Twitter is a good way for students to connect with each other, with the teacher or anyone else. It faciliate communication and is fun to use. I think people should give it a try, but be careful, we can easily become addicted!




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