Everyone has already heard about blogs. It is a very used tool on the internet and it can be used in a variety of ways! I do myself blog, I have a blog for school which is this one but I also have a more personal blog which is more of what they call a “photo blog”. There are several kinds of blogs. However I think the most interesting kind of blog to use in a classroom is a traditional blog like this one!

I was googling to know better about blogs when I found this blog. It is SUCH a great blog and stuffs on it are so well explained! As mentionned on it, blogging with your students encourages writing and learning. They write their own blogs but they also have to opportunity to follow other people’s blogs and learn about a bunch of stuffs. Students can follow blogs that interests them, if someone likes car, he or she can follow blogs about cars!  Not only their classmates and teacher’s blogs!

Also, this blog is a nice proof that students like blogging! It is a different way to work which is fun because it is related to technology, and technology is very present in students’ lives nowadays. Students are more motivated to work on their blogs than to work with a pencil and a sheet of paper.Students also like it because they can receive comments on their blogs. Also, students tend to work harder when they know their work will be published on the internet, not only the teacher gets to see what they’ve done.

I found another Website which describes the advantages of a blog very well. A teacher’s blog allows the teacher to keep his class updated on assignments, it facilitate the communication between the teacher and his or her students. Students can also communicate with their teacher through his or her blog because they can directly comment on it.

Although blogs can be very fun, it is important to remind the students that their blog is for school is not their personal blog. It is important to remind them that the purpose of their blog isn’t to share their personal lives, post pictures of themselves,etc. 

To conclude, there are several different blog severs you can use in your class such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Blog.com, etc. it is up to you to choose the one you prefer for your class!


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