Video Camera

Making a video nowadays is very easy. Everyone knows how to do it, wether it is with their video cameras or cellphones. So why not take advantage of it and use this technology in class?

A good use of videos would be to replace traditional oral presentations with a video. It is not more complicated and students will like it.  First, you have to choose a theme for the oral presentations and explain it to the students, as you would do for a traditional oral presentation. After, students would write their drafts or stories, and then write the “scenario” which should include every replica, cue, the setting, etc. Then, instead of presenting in front of the whole class, students would only have to record their videos and present it to the class. Here is an interesting website on which you can find more elaborated instructions about the process!

That’s a very good way of doing an oral presentation. Students will like it because it includes technology and most of them are good with it. Also, it will help them reduce their stress a lot because they won’t have all the pressure that presenting in front of a whole class brings. Furthermore, it is original and they have access to a lot more material. They don’t have to bring cardboards and objects in class because they can record it at home or wherever they want to. It can also help students practice their pronunciation, they can watch it to hear their pronunciation and try to identify and correct their mistakes. Lastly, it is very helpful for the teacher when it comes to correction because he or she can watch the oral presentation as much as desired.

I have myself experienced it as a student and I loved it!  It is way more interesting than doing a traditional oral presentation in front of the class. You can use a lot more material and you are a lot more comfortable.

This is only one thing you can do with a video camera but there are a lot of ways you can use this tool in class. You can find other things to do with a video camera in class here and here.